interior decoration fabric for marine upholstery / exterior decoration



  • Applications:

    interior decoration, exterior decoration


Areas of use
GISATEX® Sea Star is a hard-wearing upholstery material which can be used indoors or outdoors. Its elegant design and harmonious colour schemes put it into an exclusive class. Its fibre coating makes it impervious to moisture and it has a stain-resistant treatment.

Sea Star uses a unique treatment process which thermoconditions the fibres and completely coats them in a protective layer.This accounts for its exceptional moisture and dirt resistance. GISATEX® Sea Star is thus lastingly easycare, breathable, and kind the the skin. Sea Star is durable and resilient and suitable for areas of maximum wear. It can take the most extreme demands and prevents unpleasant odours.

On the reverse side of the fabric a thin membrane allows air to pass through but prevents any drop of water reaching the upholstery filling.

Instructions for use
As an upholstery cover GISATEX® Sea Star can be sewn and worked just like any cotton material, but it should be sewn only with water-resistant Synton yarn.

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