interior decoration fabric for marine upholstery
AMAFENA GisaTex GmbH & Co. KG



  • Applications:

    interior decoration


Areas of use
GISA TEX® Amafena in suede-look is the micro-fibre upholstery material which combines tasteful appearance with unbeatable performance in durability and wear. Sheer elegance for both external and internal use on your yacht.

GISATEX® Amafena micro-fibre is impregnated with the special TEFLON Fabric Protector finish which makes it almost impervious to stains, dirt, and damp. The TEFLON Fabric Protector forms a leak-proof barrier around the fibres, so that spilt liquids can be wiped or sponged off or easily washed out. GISATEX® Amafena is furthermore extremely abrasion resistant, non-pilling, pleasant to touch, temperature compensating, and washable.

Instructions for use
This material can be worked and sewn like a normal upholstery fabric, but please use only water-resistant Synton yarn. Please see the details of our upholstery service in the Information section at the end of the brochure.