solar-electric powered center console boat / trimaran / outboard / 4-place
GOGO 4 GardaSolar



  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Power source:

    solar-electric powered

  • Number of places:


  • Length:

    3.85 m (12'07")


“Looking forward we designed a boat to conceive a new
way to experience navigation. Simple and reliable to draw
tourists of all languages and of all ages, eager to experience
unforgettable moments.”
Welcome on board: from the rivers, lakes and the sea, water
creates natural trails and is indispensable for sport, entertainment,
culture and tourism, we are ready and our project
investor has had no regrets and is reaping the benefits.
GOGOs are electric and solar powered boats, silent and
recyclable, solid and reliable, safe for navigation in protected
areas, perfect for experiencing them in different