audio amplifier / marine / 6-channel
MS-AM806 Fusion electronics



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The FUSION AM Series Marine amplifiers are purpose built for the marine environment, boasting some of the most impressive environmental protection available, to deliver performance on the water like never before.The MS-AM806 is a 24V amplifier.Incorporating heat-tempered and conformal coated PCB's for maximum product life and gold plated connectors for improved signal flow - The result is a clean and powerful reproduction of the input signal, delivering enough power to rock the boat.The 6 Channel 1600 Watt (Peak) MS-AM806 design ensuresclean and powerful amplification of the input signal. It has unlimited configuation options available to help spread the sound around your vessel:• 3 pairs of speakers (6 speakers)• 6 pairs of speakers (12 speakers) wired in parallel at 2 Ohms (2 x 4 Ohm speakers per channel)• 1 Subwoofer (bridged) and 2 pairs of speakers ( 4 speakers)• 2 Subwoofers (4 bridged channels) and a pair ofspeakers (2 speakers)