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    for sailing dinghies

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Forward Sailing has set up a new sail specialy designed for sailing clubs, an initiation sail

Specifications :

- Sail with sleeve on the luff and a negative leesh (no battens)

- A bright and recognizable design by far

- Each sail has a number printed (from 1 to 5) to differenciate them (usefull if you forgot the name of the kids) theses sails are sold per package of 5 pieces

- Each sail is provided with a little weathervane to slide at the top of the luff in a reinforced sleeve.

- Transparent window in reinforced polyester to have a good visibility all around the boat.

- 2 colours possible to divide the classes easily : Red and Blue

Colours available : red or blue-cyan

- Smileys Board/Starboard next to the luff -> they are placed in the area of the sail which will be the most reactive at the bad regulation of the clew : the smiley will move if the sail is not planking enough.

- INNOVATION FORWARD SAILING : System to reduce quickly and efficiently the surface of the sail. If the wind is going higher and the full sail is too powerfull for kids, the instructor just has to take thesprit off the sail, then take the top point, pass it in front of the mast and then hook it in the plastic piece placed in the middle of the sail -> In a few seconds the sail is reduced efficiently, with a triangle shape and the upper part of the sail does not flap in the strong wind.


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