mainsail / for sport multihulls / Formula 18
GVRAID1000 Forward Sailing


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for sport multihulls

  • Sport multihull class:

    Formula 18


New mainsail specially made for RAID SAILING on 18 feet catamarans such as Tiger / Alado / Hawk / Hobie 18 Formula, Pacific …

Forward Sailing has developed the first mainsail specially designed for a RAID Sailing or safe Leisure sailing, along the coast.

After listening to several passionate who left quite far on board their beach catamaran, or in collaboration with Yvan Bourgnon, who will leave next October for a trip all around the world on a sport catamaran (we are developing his sails for this program), we decided to integrate all the good ideas heard in our new mainsail compatible on many 18 feet catamarans (HB18 Formula, Pacific, Tiger many F18, etc…) and adapted to enjoy sailing far from the beach.