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ACTELA1000 Forward Sailing


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Forward Sailing proposes a simple and efficient trick to help you playing with the tension of your battens !

Fed up with the tiresome ropes, you let your battens tense ?
Forward Sailing just developed the first batten tensioner equipped with a tension landmark, and compatible with old sails supplied with ropes.

It is very easy : as there is no textile reinforcement tu put the adjuster, we use the rope in place to fix it at its hollow extremities, to envelop the batten and its end fitting. Thus, thanks to a Allen key, these batten adjusters will enable micrometric adjustments. They remain simple to install and very efficient.

- Batten tensioners adjustable with a Allen key
- Provided with a tension lendmark
- Compatible with battens from 8 to 15mm of width and 5 to 8mm of depth
- Sold by packs of 6 pieces with a Allen key