mainsail / for sport multihulls / Hobie Cat 16
GVHB16NX50 Forward Sailing


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for sport multihulls

  • Sport multihull class:

    Hobie Cat 16


Fathead mainsail in laminate cloth NX5 for Hobie Cat 16

After the success of our first generation of fathead sail for Hobie Cat 16, Forward Sailing has jus launched a new modele made in a transparent laminate cloth.

Key points:
- INNOVATION FORWARD SAILING : New system to manage the tension of the battens, as for the windsurfing sails, you can control the tension with a screwdriver, which is easy and fast!
- The battens do not go past the sail anymore
- Better Power control: Depending on cunigham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind..
- Cloth : New laminated NX5 cloth for a strong and transparent sail
- This sail is adapted for the HB 14 boom and gooseneck
- 3 pennants in the sail and 2 on the luff to control the flow
- Nice look and new sensations: these sails give a boost and new look to the boat !
- Delivered in a bag
- 1 year warranty