asymmetric spinnaker / for sport multihulls / Hobie Cat 16
SPHB160000 Forward Sailing


  • Type:

    asymmetric spinnaker

  • Applications:

    for sport multihulls

  • Sport multihull class:

    Hobie Cat 16


New spinnaker Forward Sailing for Hobie Cat 16

Key points :

- Asymmetrical spinnaker 16sqm

- Shape : flatter than the original Hobie Cat spinnaker

- Equiped with patch for using it with a snuffer system

- Cloth : Nylon 0.75 Oz

- Delivered in a bag

- 1 year warranty

- Dimensions :
Luff : 7.50m
Leesh : 6.77m
Foot : 3.20m
SMW : 2.80m

This spinnaker is not class legal and not authorized in class racing, but it is adapted for a fun use, or in sailing club and for training.