mainsail / for sport multihulls / Hobie Cat 16
GVHB161000 Forward Sailing



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for sport multihulls

  • Sport multihull class:

    Hobie Cat 16


FATHEAD MAIN SAIL For 16' Multihulls

Key points:

- Better Power control: Depending on cunigham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind..

- New system to manage the tension of the battens, as for the windsurfing sails, you can control the tension with a screwdriver, which is easy and fast!

- Cloth : Dacron 220 g for a strong sail

- This sail is adapted for the HB 16 boom and gooseneck

- A mono film window to check under the wind

- 5 penons to control the flow

- Nice look and new sensations: these sails give a boost and new look to the boat !

- This Sail does not respect the HB 16 rules and cannot be used for races.