Boat indicator / level / with LED display / for holding tanks


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Type:


  • Display:

    with LED display

  • Applications:

    for holding tanks


Gobius is the first and only level indicator in the world that can measure the contents in tanks made of any material, such as plastic, stainless steel, steel, aluminum and fibre glass, from the outside. Since it measures from the outside cleaning the tank or drilling holes is unnecessary.
Installed and ready to use in 30 minutes!
-Suitable for all tanks
.and all other fluids
.and for all tank materials
.Stainless steel, 1-3 mm
.Steel, 1-3 mm
.Aluminum, 2-5 mm
.Polyethelen, 2-10 mm
.Fibre Glass, 4-8 mm
.Avoids direct contact with the contents
.Can be retro-fitted to tanks of any shape or size of a tank
.Calibrates automatically
.Can be installed without extra service or cleaning of inside of the tank
.Can be connected to displays from Wema, VDO, Teleflex, Faria, Phillippi and other analouge instruments
.Supports 10-180 Ohm, 240 - 33 Ohm and 4 20 mA
.Supports NMEA 2000 with an analouge adapter
.Extremely low electricity consumption, less than 40 mA (supports 12 -24 Volts).
Smart Patented Technology
Each sensor that is placed onto the tank wall consists of a shaker and an accelerator. When the shaker creates a vibration in the tank wall, the accelerator measures the size of the vibration and passes the data on to the control unit. The control unit then starts to calculate in order to give an exact estimate of whether the fluid level has passed the sensor or not.


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