boat generator set / diesel
5000i.Neo Fischer Panda

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boat generator set / diesel boat generator set / diesel - 5000i.Neo


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Motor type:


  • Output power:

    4 kW (5.4 hp)


Innovative engine and generator technology designed by Fischer Panda

The first diesel engine developed by Fischer Panda has gone into serial production:

The FPE 320 is Fischer Panda's fully water-cooled, 1-cylinder engine which is particularly light and fitted inside the new Panda 5000i.Neo generator. The generator unit weighs only 67 kg.

The feedback from customers who have already installed a Panda 5000i.Neo generator in their yacht has been positive throughout regarding the low noise level, vibration and the space/performance ratio.

Like all Fischer Panda inverter generators with load-dependent, variable speed control, the Panda 5000i.Neo with the new FPE 320 engine is characterised by its high efficiency, quiet operation and compact design. Significant reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are another advantage of the inverter technology.

Please contact an authorized Fischer Panda dealer to learn more about Fischer Panda's new engine and the Panda 5000i.Neo. The new model is available from stock.

Fischer Panda is currently working on equipping their constant-speed generator Panda 4000s with this engine as well.