boat propulsion system
Parallel Hybrid with Easy Box Fischer Panda



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Power:

    10 kW (13.6 hp)


An attractive drive system where main engine and electric engine are individually coupled to the shaft. Refitting of the main engine is not necessary. The system can easily be installed by a shipyard or boatbilder. Onboard power supply from 48 V up to 230 V is possible. The Parallel Hybrid is suited for boats with a big main engine who would like to enjoy silent cruising with an electric engine. By using the special electric engine an extremely high torque can be achieved at 48 V. The electric engine is separated from/connected to the main shaft by means of a mechanic clutch.

The EasyBox is a "plug & play" system where the two components control and engine can be easily connected. Via plug connections the EasyBox is connected with the throttle and the display. The battery bank and power supply for the electric motors are connected via screws at the bottom of the box. All important electrical connections are preinstalled at the motor controller when it is supplied by Fischer Panda. Customers can choose between air and water-cooling. The water-cooled version requires the installation of an additional small circulation pump and an expansion tank. The air-cooled version is fitted with a handle so that it can be easily removed. This prevents against theft when the skipper is absent from the boat for longer periods.

The EasyBox allows the skipper to reduce the speed via the "Eco Switch". This prevents the batteries from being drained too soon and greater ranges can be achieved. If a fixed propeller is installed, the batteries can be recharged using a regeneration function when the boat is sailing.