Soundproofing sandwich panel / for ship fittings / for ship partition walls / for fire protection
B-13-056 FAMOS , Ship Furniture Factory


  • Applications:

    soundproofing, for ship fittings, for ship partition walls, for fire protection


The constructional system of bulkheads and lining panels characterizes by almost complete prefabrication of elements and mounting profiles. It ensures easy and fast installation and high standard. The units, designed in this system, meet the requirements of fire protection of all classes and acoustic insulations.

Apart from a basic scope of bulkheads and lining panels we also produce bulkheads and lining panels for wet rooms.

Basic offer:

lining C-25mm,
lining B0/B15-25mm,
bulkhead C-50mm,
bulkhead B15-50mm,
acoustic bulkhead B15-50mm,
bulkhead with cable ducts B15-50mm,
bulkhead B15-80mm.

Acoustic insulation:

lining B0/B15-25mm - Rw = 32dB,
bulkhead C-50mm - Rw = 31dB,
bulkhead B15-50mm - Rw = 35dB,
acoustic bulkhead B15-50mm - Rw = 40dB,
acoustic bulkhead B15-50mm - Rw = 49dB NEW!,
bulkhead B15-80mm - Rw = 42dB.


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