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dock gangway / with handrails / polyethylene
EZ Dock



  • Application domain:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    with handrails, polyethylene

  • Length:

    4'00" , 6'00" , 8'00" (1.22 m)


EZ Dock polyethylene gangways provide multiple ways to extend and improve the performance of docks and kayak or canoe launches for virtually any residential, commercial or special needs application.

Its cool, slip-resistant surface provides maximum stability and support as you walk to your dock or launch.

Its virtually maintenance-free design gives you the freedom to spend more time enjoying the water, not maintaining your gangway.

EZ Dock polyethylene gangways can be customized with components designed to make it easier to link the shore, gangway and dock together, including:

ADA compliance to help everyone get onto the dock and into the water faster
Construction of extra-long gangways to reach faraway docks
Bolt-on handrails for extra safety and stability
Polyethylene plank gangways for shorter distances to docks

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