rigid kayak / touring / sea / solo
Synergy Extreme Interface



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    touring, sea

  • Capacity:



The Synergy is a departure from all other day touring doubles on the market. At 18'2" x 27.5" and weighting in at 66 lbs the Synergy is a lightweight, efficient double for all your day touring needs.

Virtually all other day touring doubles are rotomoulded, short and heavy. Thermoformimg provides lightweight, exceptional cosmetics and sleek performance.

The Synergy comes standard with all of the advances features of our full size touring double, without the weight of the price.

Step up and step out in a Synergy, keelguards, rubber padded handles, 2 day lockers, U-bolt lock anchor, and our advanced SportTrek™ Ruddeer.