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Evac MBBRs (moving bed bioreactors), biological wastewater treatment systems, deliver effluent quality for cruise ships and other vessels that exceeds the world’s most stringent marine discharge standards with the lowest life cycle costs in the industry.

The moving bed bioreactor process is certified according to IMO MEPC.159(55) and MEPC.227(64) regulations . This means that the process fulfills the requirements of the amendments to MARPOL Annex IV in MEPC.200(62) for passenger ships in restricted areas, such as the Baltic Sea and Alaska.

Incorporating proven components and a patented process, the Evac MBBR wastewater treatment system delivers environmental performance specifically designed to meet the tough demands of long-term shipboard operation. Every MBBR system is customized for the vessel in question to ensure optimum functionality. The Evac MBBR process can efficiently treat any blend of marine wastewater streams, including black and gray water streams from cabins, galleys food waste reject water, and laundry facilities. An optional nutrient removal module is also available if MEPC 227(64) §4.2 limits are required by a shipyard or a ship owner.

A significant advantage of the Evac MBBR process is its ultra-low annual chemical consumption, which reduces operating costs and the need to store and handle chemicals on board space-constrained vessels.