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NAVIGATOR 12 Electronic Marine Systems (EMS Marcon), Inc



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The ECS/DGPS NAVIGATOR is a precision navigation instrument with a 12-channel parallel processing receiver and advanced navigation packages. This permits real-time position accuracy on a worldwide vector digitized chart database. The system is designed for harsh environments and meets MIL-SPECS for both water and salt environments.

The ECS/DGPS System has the following additional capabilities:

Position accuracy of 1-3 meters
Internal AM or FM receivers
Serial inputs from external devices for display and recording (i.e., Depths, RPM, fuel)
Tracking software to poll and track users of systems on other vessels or to display targets from other systems
Communications software and an internal transceiver to permit pole to pole data communications via satellite
A portable version with internal battery and carrying case for field use (i.e., Pilot Pack, Research Data Collection)
A SOG accuracy of 0.1 knot
A COG accuracy of 0.5 degrees
Customizing of your own charts
Entering of Notice to Mariners and passage plan directly on chart disk
Receiver Advanced Integrity Monitoring (RAIM)

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