Boat receiver / AIS / antenna splitter
AIS-IS EchoPilot


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Function:

    antenna splitter, AIS


The easyAIS-IS is an evolutionary step forward from the well known easyAIS by Weatherdock AG located in Nurnberg in Germany. This new AIS receiver has an integrated splitter and a signal amplifier to make the usage of AIS data on board much easier.

The easyAIS-IS provides a logical and innovative development of an already excellent product. This shows the philosophy of Weatherdock: always the best for the costumer!

The integrated amplifier eliminates physical losses caused by the splitting process. Because of the in built splitter the easyAIS-IS can be used with several devices and the present VHF antenna at the same time.

In January 2010 the easyAIS-IS was presented by Weatherdock at the BOOT trade fair as a new member of the “easy family”.

The USB port for direct connection to a PC or Plotter will become an additional unique selling point for the costumer.


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