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    for ships


E-MS engineers are specialists in the electrical engineering on river cruise vessels. Technical experience in the international marine industry for over 27 years in planning, design and construction, reliability, and economy results in detailed knowledge of sustainable systems; space and comfort requirements, concepts for optimized drive performance, energy production and distribution systems with uninterruptible power supply; the integration of various electrical devices, such as: underfloor heating, heated mirrors, heated all-weather indoor and outdoor terrace, heated swimming pools, restaurant operation, air conditioning and ventilation systems, lighting, HD TV, lift, etc.; the individual needs for peace, security, ease of use, and much more for the staff and passengers.

The E-PP® concept allows extensive vibration reductions for drive systems and includes already The silent engineering.® to provide save electrical power supply to important areas such as to hotel area, propellers, galley etc.. The electrical power can be generated with fast and medium-speed diesel engines. The total power of about 2.700 kW to 8.000 kW is the common DC bus technology as lossless distributed and protected by a specially designed Safety and Protection Concept. Hybrid propulsion, high maneuverability, redundancy are essential components of the electrical engineering for river cruise vessels.


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