video corpo

utility boat / outboard / HDPE



  • Type:

    utility boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    5.5 m (18'00")

  • Passenger capacity:

    3 unit


This boat gives all you will ever need in a small boat. It can push and tow and have a high payload. It’s the perfect boat for jobs close to the water. Easy handling, trailering and hoisting. Very strong and sturdy.
Sturdy multi-purpose boat
The V-shaped, tough HDPE hull is suitable for very diverse users. From marine engineers who work with their materials and equipment close to shore, to sailing coaches who support their pupils on open water. The HDPE Support Tender 5.50 has great sailing behavior and never breaks. The pushbow is good for the occasional pushing job and for easy boarding. This boat is very, very practical for every day use.
Unbreakable HDPE
Compared to small ribs, other plastic boats or even small aluminium boats, a HDPE boat is much stronger and durable. HDPE is well known for its high resistance to impact. For this type of boat, that makes all the difference. No punctures, no dents, the hull stays in shape even when abused. HDPE is highly resistant to growth.
Tough and very practical
» The HDPE hull will stand every job and condition
» Sturdy boats for sustained every day use
» Very stable, sails very well
» No maintenance, no marine growth