boat NMEA data processing module
DOTMobile Watercraft NMEA2000 Dotando


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    for boats


Take out the most of your NMEA2000 network and devices.
Enhance on board and remote monitoring by recording any data and metrics available thru NMEA2000 network: multiple engine runtime, RPM, hours, oil pressure, temperature, fuel, depth, heading, wind speed …
Accurate reporting: by associating the GPS position and time to any data so to have most effective analytics about fuel consumption, engine or equipment usage ... and precisely know when and where they occur
Simplify data intelligence with the innovative Visual Replay with timeline bar for predictive maintenance.
Slide the timeline bar to see the graphical representation of relevant data dashboard
Shift to predictive maintenance: by scheduling programs for any part or service needed based on the conditions and data generated by engines or piece of equipment through predictive analytics.