battery charger / marine / smart



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  • Application domain:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Amperage:

    25 A, 40 A

  • Voltage:

    12 V


This third generation of ALL-IN-ONE concept includes RCD protection, two 10 amps AC circuit breakers and a smart 12 volts DOLPHIN PREMIUM battery charger all in one cabinet.

Ideal for those who require a battery charger but have no AC shorepower system it is more Cost Effective than installing a separate charger, RCD & Associated Cabling all in a compact and Attractive Casing.
It is designed to be an AC consumer unit and battery charger in just one box it is simple to install and ensures AC safety. The internal charger is similar to either the 25 or 40A Dophin PREMIUM unit. Compact units but includes - RCD (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), Double Pole Main Breaker and 2 x single pole breakers (for ring main and say, immersion heater).

The battery charger is a DOLPHIN PREMIUM unit 12 volts 25 amp or 40 amp with 3 isolated output. It will operate with 115/230 volts 50/60 Hz. 8 charging programs are available in order to meet all customer needs. As on all DOLPHIN PREMIUM units safety feature such are overload, over temperature, reverse polarity, short circuit are standards.

The DC and AC connectors have been carefully designed to meet the highest quality and safety standard. DC section includes industrial PHOENIX CONTACT 4 poles for cable up to 16mm² (maximum rating 76 amps). For AC section the unit includes WAGO WINSTA for 100% de safety.

Dimensions: 395 x 188 x 103 mm / Weight : 3kg

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