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The VISION 4 Battery Supervisor is the last word in on board power supervision At the touch of a button you will be able to monitor a host of important information. It is simple to connect and it automatically detects the input voltage (12 VDC or 24 VDC). CanBus SAE J1939 interface. The VISION 4 battery monitor analyses battery voltage, battery efficiency, temperature and capacity on 2 battery banks (by means of an optional second shunt) also the voltage on 2 additional banks.

The VISION 4 includes a digital filter which allows it to avoid problems arising from motor start up, fuse faults, unballasting, etc...
The VISION 4 has a non volatile memory which allows it to retain configuration parameters even if there is no power source.
The VISION 4 has powerful calculating algorithms which take count of the currant draw, the charge status and the type of battery, so it can supply precise indication of the remaining charge. This means that the VISION 4 is more than just a simple Ah counter. In fact, its energy counter takes into consideration:
-During the charge, output that diminishes according to the battery's charge.
-During the discharge, restored capacity which diminishes according to the draw.

What's more, the VISION 4 is not sensitive to the effects of the charging cycle because it automatically detects float mode. It is thus not subject to drifting with each successive charge / discharge cycle.

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