Battery charger / marine


  • Type:


  • Application domain:


  • Amperage:

    Min.: 10 A

    Max.: 400 A

  • Voltage:

    24 V, 12 V


Dolphin Battery Chargers (available from 12v10a - 24v400a) provide a reliable, stress free way to charge batteries. They are compatible with all types of generators currently available on the market.
Your Dolphin Battery Charger has an automatic 115V/230V switchover (except 12v10a & 12v15a) meaning that your charger is always compatible with shore power. Acceptable voltage range is 98 - 130 Volts and 195 - 265 Volts. Regardless of the quality of shore power (weak shore power supply in high summer) your DOLPHIN 2 will work efficiently.
Sturdy & reliable, there are 6 charging programmes suitable for all common types of marine batteries. In addition, there are 2 winterising programmes, 1 sulphation recovery programme & 1 power supply programme. This latter function is very practical for certain on board instruments or for guaranteeing a constant & efficient illumination whilst prolonging the life of the light bulb.
Many internationally renowned boat builders like Beneteau/Jeanneau and Azimut are proud to have Dolphin Battery Chargers as part of their on board system.


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