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DGA DockGuard

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harbor fender / pier / Yokohama harbor fender / pier / Yokohama - DGA


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    for harbors

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Construction: DockGuard Arch Fenders ('DGA' Fenders) are moulded from a choice of rubber compounds, each of which delivers different characteristics. The choice of compound is made based on the design specification and the specific requirements of the application. They are manufactured using a twin leg system and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a quay wall. The front face has a high friction factor that is ideal for smaller vessels where friction is not a problem.

Energy/Technical: The normal compression is 52.5% of the fender's height, which defines its rated energy and reaction. Maximum compression is 55%.

Key benefits: Simple in both design and installation, the 'DGA' Fender is an economic alternative to a system type fender. It has the advantage of a high friction face to limit vessel movement. They are very durable, require no maintenance and, as with all DockGuard's rubber based products, they are produced from good quality marine compounds which are highly resistant to the effects of ozone degradation, UV radiation and water borne oil pollution.
They are available in a standard range of popular sizes from 150mm high to 1000mm high.

Suitability: Berthing for a wide range of smaller vessels such as... general cargo; workboats; barges and tugs. Also suitable for RoRo ferries and bridge and tower protection.