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TV antenna / for boats / parabolic
MSAT600 DMS Electronics


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    for boats

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Lenght : 16cm
Research time : less than 30 s.

Strong & high performance reception
The MSAT600 was designed by MicroSAT., a french brand. This antenna combine an ultra compact size (Ø65cm) and a greatest reception performance in the european area.

Such choice allows to receive analog and digital DVB programs (TNT SAT , Bis TV, CanalSat, ASTRA, etc...) with a research time less than 30 secondes.

Easy to use / install
The offset dish antenna is combined with a digital automatic motor PS580 which allows several kinds of receivers. At the fisrt utilisation, you have just to select the satellite choice on the screen built-in.

MSAT600P : Offset dish antenna 65cm + digital automatic motor PS580 (allows several kinds of receivers)
MSAT600A : Offset dish antenna 65cm + analog and digital DVB receiver
MSAT600TNT par satellite : MSAT600P + DVB-S Strong MSAT74
MSAT600TNT : MSAT600P + démodulateur TNT par satellite Engel RS3200IR
MSAT600DSB : MSAT600 + DVB-S TNT par satellite DSB-100
MSAT600N : MSAT600 + DVB-S with a PCMCIA slot


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