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outboard small boat / classic
Candlefish 16 Devlin



  • Motor type:


  • Style:


  • Length:

    4.94 m (16'02")


I am guessing that most designers spend a great deal of time musing about the use of these little boats that we design. As we mature and our lives change, there seems to be a never-ending string of little boats to dream after, create (first on paper), and then, if we are lucky enough, to build and have the enjoyment of using them in real life and see how our ideas worked. But they always start out as a simple daydream, done most effectively during some armchair time spent with a beverage and perhaps an aromatic pipe or cigar adding a bit of spice to the scene. The little Candlefish 16 was the by-product of one of those daydreams, the seed no doubt planted on some cold, winter day with a vision of some beach cruising in some warm place, perhaps Mexico's Sea of Cortez, with an azure blue sky, the water crystalline clear and clean, and a warm beach waiting to be explored -- remote, uninhabited, and with treasures galore to be discovered.

Enter the Candlefish 16, an almost perfect size for such explorations with a good, light dry weight, easy to launch by hand off the beach and with performance enough to satisfy the tyro in me. This is really just a pointed bow open skiff with an outboard on the stern but with some very interesting twists to it. For power, I picked an outboard motor, tiller steered from 10 to 30 hp., depending on how fast one wants to run and how much load is expected to be carried.