cargo ship
25 M - FREIGHT FERRY Derecktor

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cargo ship cargo ship - 25 M - FREIGHT FERRY


  • Length:

    25.9 m (84'11")

  • DWT:

    20,000 kg (44,092 lb)


This 85' Freight Boat has been designed by Nigel Gee & Associates and is a fairly traditional looking vessel with a single-chined hull. Hull and superstructure are all-aluminum alloy. The bow of the boat has an enclosed section for cargo storage and passengers. The boat has been designed to accommodate an 80,000-pound cement truck on its rear deck.

Atop the cargo/passenger area there is a raised pilot house with 360 degree visibility. The cargo deck extends all the way back to the stern, where it has a hydraulic ramp. The superstructure incorporates sliding doors on port and starboard sides and aft to the cargo deck. The vessel is equipped with a hydraulic deck mounted cargo crane for loading of cargo. Loading of trucks and other vehicles is accomplished via a stern mounted, hydraulically actuated ramp. A spud well is provided on the port side to stabilize the vessel when transom is dockside.