container ship cargo ship / feeder ship
900 Damen



  • Type:

    container ship, feeder ship

  • Length:

    150.17 m (492'08")

  • DWT:

    9,800 t (10,803 us ton)

  • Passenger capacity:

    15 unit


TAKES ALL CONTAINER SIZES : Designed for the range of containers used in today’s market. 20, 30, 40 and 45 ft containers both of regular height and high cubes can be accommodated.

MOVABLE CELL GUIDES : With movable guides, a change in container size can be rapidly handled on board. The provision of power supply to reefer containers is also easily managed.

EASY AND FAST HANDLING OF HATCH COVERS : Hatch covers are operated using hydraulics, making them easy to open and close as needed.