ATD TUG 2412 Damen


  • Length:

    24.74 m (81' 2")


HIGH STABILITY & MANOEUVRABILITYThis vessel has excellent seakeeping behaviour, superb manoeuvrability and outstanding towing characteristics. The state-of-the-art design incorporates the latest hull and skeg designs and the most recent developments in fender, fairlead and winch design.PROVEN DESIGN & STANDARDISED FIRST-CLASS COMPONENTSThe well-known Damen philosophy of standardisation delivers a wide range of benefits in this new tug type. We offer proven design, proven quality and proven reliability, all of which contribute to lowering the total cost of ownership.HIGH QUALITY & HEAVY DUTY EXECUTIONShe is a heavily built vessel with rigid foundations, extra plate thickness, extra brackets and extra fendering. This is the Damen standard and is above and beyond Class requirements.


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