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ship davit / lifeboat / hydraulic / gravity
D-NP.SP d-i davit international-hische GmbH



  • Application domain:

    for ships, lifeboat

  • Operation:

    hydraulic, gravity, electric, stored power

  • Type:



D-NP.SP - davit of normal pivot type, semi-gravity driven with hydraulic stored power (accumulator-loaded).

The system operates on hydraulic stored power in addition to gravity lowering and electrical hoisting of the boat.

Davits are suitable for bringing a boat, with crew, from the stowed position to the launching position by means of the stored power system and gravity. After embarkation, the system will lower the fully boarded boat from the launching position to the water level by means of gravity with the speed required by the rules.

In order to allow a lowering and hoisting procedure as appropriate, the system is equipped with an electric driven winch. Hoisting of the boat, including hoisting crew, can be realised by means of the incorporated electric motor.

In case of electric failure, hoisting can be realised manually. For this purpose the winch has been equipped with a crank handle square shaft. Upon placing of the hand crank the motor drive is automatically blocked.

Turning out / turning in can be operated also manually. For this purpose the power pack has been equipped with a hand pump.