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lateral thruster joystick / boat
ALPHA 20T Craftsman Marine DB Innovation



  • Applications:

    for lateral thrusters

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Features of the Craftsman Marine thruster controller:

Stainless bracket.
Neoprene gasket.
Perfect protection of the electrical parts by use of a coated printed wiring board and rear cover to protect against humidity and salt air. Large components are glued to protect against vibrations.
Waterproof connectors IP 67. Latch lever lock, to ensure a 100% connection also in case of vibrations.
Dip-switch for changing factory settings.
The following functions are controlled by a microprocessor:

Visual and audible alarms.
Automatic switch-off of the panel:
switch-off after 30(factory setting), 60 or 120 minutes
don't switch-off automatically.
Time delay of 1 second when changing the direction switch from/to starboard and portside (factory setting). This function can be switched-off.
Protection against continuous operation of 2 minutes. This function can be switched-off, but as extra the LED and audible alarm will indicate that the thruster is continuously enabled for a longer time than 2 minutes.
Built-in temperature protection.
Automatic switch-off of the thruster when the thruster motor temperature is too high. In case of a high temperature it is always possible to use the thruster in a “pulse mode”. By releasing the push button or joystick and than activating it again the thruster motor will be enabled for 3 seconds, each time until the motor is cooled down.
“Child protection” to ensue that the panels are not switched on by accident
Wire break detection. Visual alarm if the electrical connection to the thruster relay is broken.

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