Inboard express cruiser / open / classic


  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:


  • Style:


  • Length:

    11.5 m (37' 8")


The celebrated "gozzo" boat is certainly one of the crafts with more history and allure. Originally created as a fishing boat, pleasure/sports fishing and professional fishing, the "gozzo" has always been appreciated for its exceptional reliability and safety also in the roughest sea conditions. The new Corallo 37, built by Co.Me.Na shipyard, located at Torre del Greco in the outskirts of Naples, represents the evolution of these kind of vessels whose shape and technical characteristics have been revised.
Since its start in the 1960's, Co.Me.Na has believed in the value of this kind of crafts demonstrating their conviction by producing the Super Corallo boat line, available in several versions and characteristics.
These kind of boats are created by fusing together the best honored traditional workmanship, with a careful choice of valuable materials and the use of modern technologies. The end result is a truly unique and distinctive kind of vessel.
An additional ingredient that has lead to the success of these boats is the pleasure of smooth sailing bestowed by the semi-dislocating hull. Ideal for cruises as well as sports fishing, Corallo 37 has been revised to best meet the needs of modern boaters, supplying for many miles, even when weather conditions do change, a smooth and tireless sailing at cruising speeds that exceed 20 knots. The deck is built with solid teak wood and the wash-board, the covering boards and the rail are build with mahogany wood.On the bow, arranged on the deckhouse and fitted with two coated mahogany wood manropes, we find the sundeck, on whose front side has been attained a sofa.


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