commercial hovercraft / private
Christy 8199L Christyhovercraft


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    commercial, private

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Specifications hovercraft Christy 8199L

Hovercraft Christy 8199L is designed for use in difficult climatic and weather conditions on any more or less flat surface with maximum safety at any time of the year. All nodes and components are made ​​of imported high quality component parts and composite materials. Among the unique features Christy 8199L are the following:

the body is made of composite plastic, which are much lighter and stronger traditionally used aluminum;
flexible enclosure air cushion (skirt) is made of heavy-duty Hypalon material with the use of segment system and fully sealed cavity pillows, which increases stability, provides more lift and speed. Possible repair is reduced to the simple replacement of worn-out segments;
rudder trim system, softening Hovercraft reaction to a sudden obstacles (waves, boulders), and significantly improves the maneuverability and stability;
controlled distribution of traction between the lift and sustainer system reduces fuel consumption and increases the range of the ship;
the total weight of the structure and the resulting vibrations are minimized through the use of original attachment system powertrains;
ATV is very easy and absolutely unsinkable through the use of sandwich structures.