dock gangway / for ships / telescopic / articulated
CL series CCL Technologies Changlong Group



  • Application domain:

    for docks, for ships

  • Type:

    telescopic, articulated

  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    with handrails, aluminum


The gangway is an equipment for people boarding & disembarking safely and favorably during oil tanker operating at modern size oil dock. The distance between the shipboard in berth and the edge of dock is too long because of the large fender. In this condition. it is a necessary choice to adopt gangway to replace accommodation ladder so as to accelerate loading work of tanker and ensure that people is safe during boarding & disembarking. The gangway almost become a necessary equipment same as marine loading arm at oil dock

CHANGLONG is experienced on the sophisticated gangway system no matter tower gangway or column gangway. The gangway adopts mechanical and hydraulic drive system with various protection device and safety controller. All the electric devices are explosion-proof approved.

Technical Specifications

1) CHANGLONG Gangway is advantage of safety, flexible, convenient and steady.

2) The ladder is made of aluminum alloy material (LF-5) with light and safe design. The main ladder could be designed as fixed length or telescope type according to the size of the ship.

3) Own designed electric system with advantage capability and stability. Key components are world top brand.

4) Wireless remote control offer a far-distance and convenient operation.

5) The ladder is the passageway between the slewing platform to the ship. Maximum uniform load is 600 kg.

6) CHANGLONG offers two types of ladder for select: foldable type with high quality steel alloy material, and telescope type of LF-5 anti-corrosion aluminum alloy material.

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