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underwater yacht light / LED / through-hull / multi-color
FYR3 Cantalupi Lighting



  • Application domain:

    for yachts

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is Cantalupi Lighting LED underwater lights series.
FYR3 boat LED light brings millions of colors into your
life. Every color can be selected to best suit your personal taste or
to maximize the effect in the water in every condition. Colors can be
controlled via any devices with a color palette through a third party
interface. The most advanced LEDs can combine up to 16 million
shades of colors for a wonderful effect in the water. Passivation
treatment for the front trim ring mounted below the water line.
In order to create the best lighting effect around the yacht,
we will provide advice about quantity, depth of fixture and spacing
between each SEA LED®
. The effect in the water can vary from
straight spears of light to a nice and relaxing halo around the hull
simply positioning the lights at the desired distance one from the
other. As a general rule we recommend placing the lights at a
maximum distance of 4mt one from the other.