closed-body turnbuckle / articulated toggle / articulated toggle / for sailboats
46-50X-X series C. Sherman Johnson Co., Inc. (Johnson Marine)



  • Type:


  • Deck attachment:

    articulated toggle

  • Wire rope attachment:

    articulated toggle

  • Applications:

    for sailboats


The 46 Series is our largest Handy Lock turnbuckle. The 46 Series is constructed with a tubular body instead of an open body like the 01 and 02 Series. Two flip out handles provide tool free adjustment and positively lock the turnbuckle without cotter pins or check nuts.
The Handy Lock has all the features needed for easy adjustment in a compact package.
There are no sharp points to catch lines or tear sails, just flip the levers out to adjust and in to lock down. The 46 Handy Lock is available in Jaw & Jaw construction making it ideal for backstays. This 46 Handy Lock works great on an inner forestay vs. a larger more complicated Hyfield lever.

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