handling trailer / for boats / shipyard / hydraulic
Y15RF Brownell Trailers LLC. / ROK Boat Stands



  • Use:


  • Applications:

    for boats, shipyard

  • Other characteristics:


  • Payload:

    15 t (16.53 us ton)


Overall Width7′-10"
Overall Length24′-0" / 29′ -0" Drawbar Extended
Overall Height28"
Length of Bed20′-6"
Center Opening32" x 18′-0"
Frame Size12" x 12"
Height Where Keel of Boat Rests16" Above Ground
Maximum Height of Pads6′-6" Above Logs
Approximate Weight10,000 lbs.
Rear Tires4- 28 x 13 – 15, 20 ply Specialty
Front TiresNot Equipped
Front SuspensionNot Equipped
Rear SuspensionOscillating Hydraulic Bogie
Wheel HubsOil Filled
Power Source(2) 12 Volt Batteries
Charging SourceCharging Plug & Wiring Provided
Hydraulics24V Pump and Valves @ 3,000 PSI
Paint1 coat MC-MioZinc Green – 2 coats MC-Tar Black
Grease FittingsLocated at All Points of Wear
Pivot ShaftsStainless Steel
Capacity15 Tons