work boat / inboard / aluminum
Brodosplit Shipyard

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work boat / inboard / aluminum work boat / inboard / aluminum


  • Type:

    work boat

  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    14.45 m (47'04")

  • Passenger capacity:

    11 unit


Fast workboat’s primary task is maintenance of maritime
signalling devices and objects, such as buoys and
lighthouses, transportation of lighthouse’s crew and
cargo supply. Open working deck area at stern is
equipped with electro-hydraulic crane. Wheelhouse
and accomodation spaces are air-conditioned.
Fast workboat is built according to rules of Croatian
Register of Shipping for boats for commercial purposes.
It is made of sea resistant aluminium alloy
(AlMg4,5Mn), longitudinally framed, welded construction.
Furthermore, damaged stability requirements
are satisfied.
Two four-strokes diesel engines, turbocharged, electrically
started, mechanicaly regulated revolution,
maximal engine brake power 2 x 275 kW, enable
service speed of 23 knots.
V-type gearboxes are reversible. Propulsion plant is
remotely controlled from wheelhouse control console.
Electrical power is provided from batteries (24 V DC)
and from diesel generator (220 V, 50 Hz, 9 kW).
Boat is equipped with VHF radio telephone for external
communication. Navigation system consists of: radar,
GPS, magnetic compass, echo sounder and speed log.
Accomodation is provided for 3 crew members and 9
passengers. In addition, there are 4 cabin berths and
4 auxiliary berths.
Maximal stern working deck area load is 3 t. Electrohydraulic
crane, of knuckle type, is mounted at stern
deck, portside. Maximal crane load is 1,5 tm. Fuel
tanks capacity enables action radius of 400 nautic
miles, at 23 knots speed. Stores enable 7 days
This fast workboat is first craft built (from development
program of building fast craft at our shipyard).

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