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commercial hovercraft / private
Coastal Pro II The British Hovercraft Company Ltd



  • Type:

    commercial, private

  • Length:

    4.3 m (14'01")


At just 74dbA, the Coastal-Pro is probabaly the quietest production hovercraft available in Europe!

The Coastal-Pro is a 3-4 seat hovercraft designed for both recreational and light commercial usage.

The primary aims for the new twin-engined Coastal-Pro were for superb overall performance and low speed control, low noise levels (at cruising speed, the noise level is less 74dbA) and excellent load carrying capacity. We're delighted that we've achieved all these. And as a bonus, it looks fantastic too!

Its separate thrust and lift systems provide superb lift at low speeds, ideal for commercial operations or when negotiating a tight space. It carries a superb load in excess of 300kgs with room for up to three passengers and the skipper.

Using many of the same proven mechanical systems as the Marlin & Snapper, it retains excellent reliability and great performance. If your requirements require control, reliability and excellent load carrying capacity, then enquire today about the Coastal-Pro.

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