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private hovercraft
Marlin III The British Hovercraft Company Ltd

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private hovercraft private hovercraft - Marlin III


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  • Length:

    3.3 m (10'09")


Full caffeine excitement with the world's best selling 2/3 Seat Sports Cruiser!

BHC's recreational range of hovercraft are sold under the well-established Flying Fish Hovercraft brand - the UK's leading manufacturer of small hovercraft who have supplied their recreational and light commercial craft around the world to private buyers, businesses and organisations. Whilst designed and built as a recreational craft, the pedigree of the Marlin contains a successful race heritage with numerous race wins and championships to their credit which make it a spirited and entertaining craft to drive.

During it's ten year development, several hundred have been sold making it one of the world's most prolific hovercraft.

With such astounding credentials, it's not surprising that the Flying Fish Marlin hovercraft is the only contemporary small hovercraft to have crossed the English Channel - and the only small hovercraft ever to have completed a return trip, a record set when two absolutely standard Mark I customer craft made the round trip in July 2008, taking under an hour each way. Just to prove it was no fluke, the feat was repeated in 2011 with a pair of Mark II's!

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