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Is a dock fendering for mooring and berthing with medium to large, flat-sided vessels such as commercial fishing boats and barges, in sensitive marine environments of harbors and rivers. The wheel fender is very adaptable to a variety of fendering scenarios.
The wheel fender can be floated around a dolphin to aid navigating turns or around the piling at the end of a finger pier in recreational marinas. One extreme application positions two pair of the wheel fenders on a horizontal pipe to adapt a 110 year old dock for secure moorage of an icebreaker ship weighing 12,700 metric tonnes.
The Floating Modular Wheel Fender assembly is four quadrants and four Morse Taper wedges securing each quadrant into the other around the piling. When assembled, is 254mm high with an outer diameter of 1118mm, and weighs approximately 136k. The patented design creates load umbrella around the wheel and cam action joints to absorb and dissipates kinetic impact energy.
The BREEDT Floating Modular Wheel Fender is a compression-molded EPDM 513 (Ethylene Propylene-Diene-Monomer, a high quality, zinc-free synthetic elastomer with a durometer: 80 ± 5 Shore “A” scale.
EPDM 513 is specifically formulated for use in the marine environment, certified by European Union standards (REACH) to have no known impact. EPDM 513 is highly resistant to seawater, sunlight, and oxidation. Resistant to heavy wear and tear. Withstands temperatures as high as 65˚C and as low as -15˚C. Lifetime tests exceed testing range of 30 years. Compression recovery and impact resiliency are excellent. Water absorption is negligible.


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