Professional vessel antifouling coating / self-polishing / multi-use / copper-free
MAGELLAN 630 Boero YachtCoatings


  • Market:

    professional vessel

  • Type:


  • Formulated for:


  • Composition:

    copper-free, tin-free


Copper-free self-polishing antifouling with innovative SPC (Self Polishing Copolymer) technology. This antifouling performs both in freshwater and saltwater, ensuring maximum effectiveness against the most aggressive fouling and optimizing fuel consumption with consequent reduction in emissions (CO2). It contains no tin and can be applied on all surfaces, including aluminum. The colors are brilliant, to be used only in professional applications. It meets the requirements of IMO (AFS/CONF/26) on antifouling and uses biocides already in line with the BPR Directive (European Biocide Product Regulation). It is suitable for boats with speeds greater than 35 knots; depending on the thickness of the film, it can be suitable for various seasons.


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