signal converter / analog / digital / for ships
AHD-VSC QC Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co KG



  • Type:


  • Input:


  • Output:


  • Application domain:

    for ships, for yachts

  • Voltage:

    24 V


Video Signal Converter for Video-Quad-Screen Processor Unit AHD-VCS Q4-1

The video signal converter AHD-VSC QC is used for connection of video quad-screen processor unit AHD-VCS Q4-1 to video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU by means of a CAT5 cable. The connection comprises transmission of quad-screen video signal to AHD-VDCU unit as well as power supply for video quad-screen processor unit.
Product Features

Tubular protection box with preconfigured connection cable with BNC plug connector for connection of video monitor output of processor unit
Further preconfigured connection cable with plug connector for 12VDC power supply of processor unit
RJ45 socket for plug connection with straight CAT5 patch cable to last video input channel of video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU
Transmission of quad-screen video output signal of processor unit to video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU
Transformation of 24VDC power supply from video distribution and control unit AHD-VDCU to, by default, required 12VDC power supply for the processor unit
Internal electronic circuits are moulded-in to increase degree of protection