bulk carrier cargo ship
ECO TRADER 5150 Bodewes Shipyards B.V.

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bulk carrier cargo ship bulk carrier cargo ship - ECO TRADER 5150
  • Bulk carrier cargo ship


  • Type:

    bulk carrier

  • Length:

    86.93 m (285'02")

  • DWT:

    5,150 t (5,677 us ton)


Main Dimensions Length over allLength b.p.p.Breadth mld.Depth mld.Design draughtDeadweightTonnageTrial speed86.93 m.84.98 m.15.00 m.7.17 m.6.35 m. 5.150 mtons 2.999 GT12.0 knots.General cargo capacitiesHold capacity abt. 221.000 cft(L x B) abt. 60.00 x 12.40 mtrFree height in hold: 8.68 mtrOne cargo hold, covered with 10 pcs pontoon-type hatch covers, operated by a gantry crane.Cargo hold designed for bulk cargoes, 2 grain bulkheads. LoadingTanktop: 15 t/m2.HatchcoversAccording to loadline convention