transporter cargo ship
TRADER 4800 GENERAL Bodewes Shipyards B.V.



  • Type:


  • Length:

    89.98 m (295'02")

  • DWT:

    4,800 t (5,291 us ton)


Main Dimensions Length over allLength b.p.p.Breadth mld.Depth mld.Design draughtDeadweightTonnageService speed at 5.1 mDesign draught riverDraft above baseline89.98 m.84.87 m.15.20 m.6.60 m.5.68 m.4,800 mtons. 3,300 GT.12.0 knots.4.80 m.15.20 m.General cargo capacitiesHold capacity abt. 235,000 cft.One cargohold, covered with 10 steel hatchcovers, handled by a gantry crane.Hatch hold (L x B) abt. 61.50 x 12.65 mtrFree height in hold: 8.99 mtrBox-shaped hold, vertical sides with a removable strong beam LoadingTanktop:20 ft container40 ft container 15 t/m2.stackload 68 ton.stackload 72 ton.HatchcoversHatchcovers: 1.6 t/m2According to loadline conventionCargo holds are provided with 10 pontoon hatch covers.