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Glide in the refreshing water to cool off and enjoy your day on the sundeck that has it all: let the warm sun soak your skin as you lay on the sun or seek the cool shade under the parasole. With floating swimming pools you can offer a swimming experience in places where it is not normally possible.

Features: pool size 25m x 15m, depth 1,6m. Foundation size appx. 33m x 22m, 726m². Terrace area appx. 350m². Modern filtering technic that is adequate to swimming pool requirements. Floating steel structure barge & wood terraces.

Floating pools are available for example in sizes 11x4,5m, 13x4,5m, 20x4,5m, 25x15m, 50x15m. We can also modify our pool solutions for client's size, site & end-user needs.

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We will tailor and design a working complex according to your needs and water area location. Ask more about our designing and realization services at info@bluet.fi /
+358 30 6363 800 or fill in our contact form at http://en.bluet.fi/contact-us/

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