Ship stabilizer / retractable
Type S Blohm + Voss Industries


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    for ships

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Retractable Fin Stabilizers, Type S
Our retractable Simplex-Compact fin stabilizers provide an ideal solution for many kinds of merchant vessels, such as ferries, cruise ships and yachts.
For vessels with a low to medium service speed and a demand for high roll reduction performance, we have developed a special tail flap which increases the roll reduction efficiency up to 15% compared with conventional two-part fin stabilizers. This so-called Ultra High Lift Fin is protected by an international patent.
- Compact and proven design
- Equipped with the Anti-Vortex-Tip
- Ecodyn hydraulic power system for a highly dynamic response without peaks in demand
- Fin box fitted with a flow-off recess to minimize the flow resistance
- Unit is delivered ready for operation
- Fitted with rotary vane actuators for powerful and reliable operation
- Easy handling with intuitive operating elements
- Wear-resistant sensors to register the ship movements


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