Class A sport catamaran / ISAF
V1R - 5,50m 18' 0" Bimare


  • Sport multihull class:

    ISAF, class A

  • Length:

    • : 5.5 m (18' 0")


Now we would like to explain where the new ZERO differs from the “old” V1R.

The V1R hulls are quite bulky with a fair amount of rocker, big volumes in the middle, long bows, quite slim at the tip, and pretty wide and rounded sterns. The bottom is round all along without flat areas.
These features give the V1R some distinctive merits:
it is very easy to sail in strong winds, it is very hard to pitchpole, it is very fast downwind especially in moderate to heavy conditions.
On the other end it is generally slower than its competitors upwind (more hull drag) and harder to steer (more pitching moment and greater aptitude to stop against waves).

With the Zero we chose to depart dramatically from the design philosophy which inspired its predecessor and to create the most streamlined A class catamaran ever produced.


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